Value Accrual

HumanDAO is at the crossroads of some major burgeoning markets:

  • NFT sales topped $10 billion in first half of 2021. NFTs are going mainstream as you read this.

  • Decentralized Finance has hit $120B in total locked value, allowing anyone anywhere to lend, borrow, invest, and trade peer-to-peer instantly.

  • The global gaming market alone reached a value of $180B in 2020 and was bigger than the movie industry and North American sports combined (this was before people owned the in-game assets or got paid to play games). The rise of blockchain gaming and virtual worlds has unlocked new gaming models (P2E).

HumanDAO’s goal is to maximize the value of new crypto innovations like NFTs and P2E for its members. HDAO is a gateway to the metaverse, functioning like a metaverse index. The value of all activities in the humanDAO will be captured in the fully diluted market capitalization of HDAO governance tokens. Some examples of how HDAO Tokens may accrue value:

  • Asset utilization

    • Lending—in game characters (i.e. Axies) are lent to members to earn rewards. Players receive 70% and the DAO 30%.

    • Renting—in the case of land, third parties can rent our assets to conduct economic activities (i.e., virtual shop) and pay a daily/monthly fee or a profit share.

    • Selling—assets can be sold to realize large gains and profits.

  • Token yield is generated by utilizing and staking tokens in DeFi protocols.

  • The value of the humanDAO’s owned assets —tokens, NFTs, SAFTs, etc.

  • New revenue streams from the metaverse talent network services/products.

  • Stake HDAO to vote and participate in DAO activities.

  • % of APY rewards generated from treasury’s DeFi farming activities.

  • Stake HDAO for token rewards related to its overall activities.

  • Use HDAO tokens to pay or fund services and projects in its network.

Game developers (as well as other web3 entities) will want to tap in and integrate with the humanDAO and our massive user base of built-in gamers and web3 users—creating favorable terms and conditions for the DAO.

By optimizing the DAO’s network of resources (community and treasury), and the value multiplier as the user base grows, we can facilitate a massive digital economy in the web3.

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