The name humanDAO is a nod to the Human Fund from the popular TV show Seinfeld. We agree with George Costanza, there should be a Human Fund, this is our attempt.
HumanDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization with a specific goal: to improve human lives by facilitating options outside their local economy and connecting them to new opportunities in the decentralized digital economies, or the metaverse.
  • Help people
  • Through crypto assets, platforms, and incentives
Help can be in the form of education, work, funding, or lending; a type of jobs board, education center, and opportunity zone for web3 and the new digital gig-economy. In the humanDAO, one can learn about the crypto ecosystem, its opportunities, develop their knowledge/skills, find work, or lend assets. We accomplish our goal utilizing new crypto platforms and their innovative business models starting to emerge to create revenue streams that benefit our stakeholders and community.
One of those innovations is being able to lend assets safely. The primary example is play-to-earn (P2E) games. HumanDAO loans out non-fungible tokens (NFT) to community members in an ISA (income sharing agreement) style agreement. These NFTs allow members to participate in P2E crypto games, like the popular Axie Infinity game. They earn crypto tokens through playing, which they can exchange for local currency. For lending the NFTs, the humanDAO takes a percentage of the tokens earned.
At its core, humanDAO currently buys yield producing NFTs, governance tokens, and ownership stakes in promising projects and protocols. HumanDAO provides people with opportunities in both emerging markets with wages and developed nations with new profound revenue streams.
A few crypto games
Axie Infinity is just one avenue to pursue as many more P2E games are launching. Additionally, gaming is only one vertical to utilize. The humanDAO wants to leverage P2E as PART OF our mission to onboard the masses from the bottom up into web3. We are working on projects and revenue streams that are outside of gaming.
In general, the DAO’s activities will include:
  • Producing revenue through the rental or sales of DAO-owned assets.
  • Building a global community of users who play competitively and collect in-game rewards.
  • Utilize a portion of the revenues to feed those in underserved communities.
  • Educate the masses onboarding through P2E about crypto and web3.
  • Fund and invest in projects from games and platformst to micro-lending and more ambitious projects.
  • Allow community to participate in the DAO by passing proposals and voting.
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