Community & Rewards

Community rewards and initiatives will be used to foster DAO growth and further decentralization.

The humanDAO network should be owned and operated by a diverse group of people. Not just those who can afford to buy the token or are fortunate enough to be early. Many of the communities we look to impact are not yet in crypto or web3. Long-term thinking and engineering are needed.

Therefore, a significant portion of the tokens will be distributed over ten years to allocate tokens for long-term goals and align incentives for future participants. Ultimately DAO governance determines the community initiatives, allocations, and distribution.

Launch Rewards

Only 21 million tokens were sold at auction, thus rewards were much less then 10m allotted. These tokens stay in treasury.

11,000,000 tokens (2% of total community tokens) are used to reward public sale participants and early members and contributors.

  • 10m tokens will be used in a 20% rewards bonus program for participating in the public sale if all available 50 million tokens are sold in auction. (Ex. If you purchase 100 tokens, you will receive 20 bonus tokens.)

  • 1m tokens will be distributed to early community members and contributors. Any unclaimed tokens will go back to the community allocation.

Staking / Liquidity Rewards

Staking is now live and can be found here

Staking instructions can be found here

(Pre-launch text)

We will be utilizing the popular Illuvium variable locking contracts to provide rewards for liquidity providers. Variable locking changes your token weight based on the duration of your lock. For example, if the maximum weight of a locked token is 2, which occurs when you lock for a period of 12 months, you effectively double your rewards over the period.

Staking vaults will be introduced to receive the rewards and revenues directly through smart contracts into their accounts. The intention is to create staking vaults to earn rewards from the network as an APY.

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