Help people through crypto assets, platform, and incentives
HumanDAO will contribute to the growth of a global middle class by pulling the 61% up through opportunities in crypto and providing new and profound revenue streams to those at the top.
Nearly 3 billion people live on less than $5/day. Some crypto opportunities can pay 2-5x that. One of those opportunities is the birth of the new gaming model, play-to-earn (P2E), and the game Axie Inifinity.
Global average monthly salaries. Axie Infinity data dependent on the price of the in game token SLP
There is significant demand to borrow crypto assets and earn, as well as contribute and help build web3. Generating returns and pulling people out of poverty is the ultimate win🤝win.
Because our fast-growing community (50k+ people) is brand new to crypto and from underserved communities, we are incredibly proud to onboard from the bottom up, as well as educate them on the benefits of this new paradigm shift.


WAGES— Through P2E, L2E, and any new business model cryto spwans or disrupts, we can provide income through web3 gig and job related opportunities in the metaverse and beyond.
EDUCATION— Incentivize learning about crypto and web3 through DAO tokenomics, turning visitors into official DAO stakeholders by airdropping tokens upon education completion. Actual learning modules that are gamified and require engagement to absorb the information. From learning about crypto benefits, utilizing them, securing it, and learning about new web3 roles and opportunities.
FEED— A portion of the revenue stream will provide meals through our partnership with Food For Life Global on a monthly basis.
FUND— Projects by the underserved, for the underserved, from micro-lending to more ambitious projects. Any member can submit proposals for impactful projects to be voted on by the DAO. We can crowdsource thorough research and analysis regarding the most impactful projects to fund through our global yet localized member base.
We aspire to have humanDAO representation in every nation. Ambassadors with boots on the ground helping their local communities learn about these new tools and opportunities crypto is producing and becoming early adopters of the next market web3 and crypto disrupt. Early members have a significant opportunity to grow with the DAO in their local communities.
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