The role of the HDAO treasury is to oversee the management of HDAO assets. Ultimately, the community is responsible for decisions regarding the distribution of funds

Multi Signature

We strive for security and transparency. Utilizing a multi-sig will alleviate fears and mitigate bad actors. A 3 of 5 multi-sig address is being used on both Polygon and Ethereum mainnet from a diverse group of builders in crypto.
The multi-sig is formed by the following parties:
The multi-sig Treasury address for Polygon is: 0x08C724340c1438fe5e20b84BA9CaC89a20144414
The multi-sig Treasury address for Ethereum is 0x6C48814701c98F0D24b1B891fAC254A817Aadfdf
Remaining vested tokens can be found here:
0xc63bd01cfb9CE9837424f96c969e5435A9b9A46d The multi-sig for the Builder Safe (active funding) is: 0xF84c89C30A74Bf95385aB61E8b2769C99681794b

Economic Activities

  • Purchase of assets in the form of cryptocurrencies, virtual assets in the Metaverse, SAFTs, in-game tokens as well as other NFTs to contribute to the development of Metaverse economies.
  • Arbitrage farms to maximize yields.
  • Fund projects, products and services approved by DAO members.
  • Manage locked, unvested, undistributed tokens of all parties.
  • Provide guidance in events that involve debt and interest payments, acquisition of assets including any buybacks and future fundraising rounds.
  • Perform financial operations such as accounting, audits, and reporting.