Multi Signature

We strive for security and transparency. Utilizing a multi-sig will alleviate fears and mitigate bad actors. A 3 of 6 multi-sig address is being used on both Polygon and Ethereum mainnet from a diverse group of builders in crypto.

The multi-sig is formed by the following parties:

The multi-sig Treasury address for Polygon is: 0x08C724340c1438fe5e20b84BA9CaC89a20144414

The multi-sig Treasury address for Ethereum is 0x6C48814701c98F0D24b1B891fAC254A817Aadfdf

Remaining vested tokens can be found here:

0xc63bd01cfb9CE9837424f96c969e5435A9b9A46d The multi-sig for the Builder Safe (active funding) is: 0xF84c89C30A74Bf95385aB61E8b2769C99681794b

Economic Activities

  • Purchase of assets in the form of cryptocurrencies, virtual assets in the Metaverse, SAFTs, in-game tokens as well as other NFTs to contribute to the development of Metaverse economies.

  • Arbitrage farms to maximize yields.

  • Fund projects, products and services approved by DAO members.

  • Manage locked, unvested, undistributed tokens of all parties.

  • Provide guidance in events that involve debt and interest payments, acquisition of assets including any buybacks and future fundraising rounds.

  • Perform financial operations such as accounting, audits, and reporting.


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