$HDAO Token

Make sure to read the disclaimers and legal notices before purchasing any HDAO tokens or attempting to use the humanDAO network.

  • Ethereum mainnet contract address: 0xdac657ffd44a3b9d8aba8749830bf14beb66ff2d

  • Polygon network token address: 0x72928d5436ff65e57f72d5566dcd3baedc649a88

  • DEX - Polygon network Balancer pool found here

  • DEX - Ethereum mainnet Uniswap pool found here

HumanDAO has launched a governance token to incentivize growth and decentralize the network. The protocol is automated by smart contracts instructed by consensus through the DAO based on governance proposals and voting of a distributed network of token holders.

Through the power of tokens, one can gain exposure to the value of the community as a whole. Tokens represent voting rights in the DAO as well as utility throughout the humanDAO network.

  • Participants in the DAO will be owners, managers, and members of the humanDAO network.

  • All token holders can propose and vote on the direction and future of the DAO.

  • Decision-making will be prorated based on participants’ ownership of the overall DAO through HDAO token ownership.

  • Users can earn HDAO tokens in a community incentive programs by completing work, education, or other tasks that promote the growth and revenues of the humanDAO.

This "community bounty program" allows HDAO tokens to be distributed further to participants through active DAO involvement. Contributors to humanDAO will earn HDAO tokens without buying them, i.e. education modules. Thus, anyone can gain equity in the project and have an actual say in the DAOs governance and direction.

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