$ENRG Token

The $ENRG token powers the Human Task Force platform.

$ENRG is an ERC20 token powering HTF, its unit of account. Think of 1 ENRG = 30 mins of work. The token allows for instant cash out and makes HTF economic activity visible onchain.

  • Assistants receive $ENRG for completing tasks

  • $ENRG can be redeemed (burned) for $2

  • However users buy (mint) $ENRG for $2.50

  • The spread between mint/burn is the platform fee

All platform fees are distributed to $HDAO stakers as stablecoin airdrops.

A standout differentiator from web2 platforms is the use of the platform fees. Traditional web2 gig companies would use the platform fee for revenue, HTF will airdrop the platform fee to stakers of the $HDAO token. This mechanism incentives community growth of the platform along with the humanDAO native token.


  • Virtuous Economic Model: HTF fuels its economic engine through transactions with the $ENRG token. This in turn helps fuel the DAO's sustainability.

  • Community Rewards: Fees collected through HTF are airdropped monthly to $HDAO stakers, reinforcing community-centric ethos. Encourages stakers to act as informal affiliates, enhancing the platform's growth by attracting more users and engagement.

  • Elevating Marginalized Communities: A dedicated share of our revenue is channelled towards uplifting individuals in underserved regions, reflecting our core mission of fostering economic opportunities and empowerment.

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