humanDAO Academy

Education is one of the DAO’s core pillars. We believe it is the first step towards bringing millions of people into crypto’s new global digital economy. Most of our community experience crypto and web3 for the first time through the DAO, so launching an educational platform was critical.

Everyone is welcome to participate at and start building your very own on-chain resume.

Community members will be able to complete lessons and modules to receive a non-transferrable NFT (also known as Soulbound Tokens) to show they have completed the education modules. These NFTs will become increasingly valuable as humanDAO begins to open up job opportunities within the web3 space, where the NFTs will verify their knowledge levels by serving as on-chain credentials.

Our long term vision is to provide anyone with an end-to-end journey from zero crypto knowledge to becoming an experienced web3 contributor, equipped with the skills to forge a long term career. humanDAO Academy is the first step; one that will give graduates greater confidence to explore DAOs, NFTs, DeFi and other opportunities to find their strengths and passions.

There are five modules to explore and they are all free to complete:

  • Crypto wallets

  • Crypto 101

  • humanDAO

  • Financial literacy

  • Web3 opportunities

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