Play-to-Earn (P2E)

One of the catalysts for the explosion of P2E gaming was the ability to lend assets safely. HumanDAO loans out non-fungible tokens (NFT) to community members in an ISA (income sharing agreement) style agreement. These NFTs allow members to participate in P2E crypto games, like the popular Axie Infinity game. They earn crypto tokens through playing, which they can exchange for local currency. For lending the NFTs, the humanDAO takes a percentage of the tokens earned.

humanDAO’s genesis revenue model involved buying yield producing NFTs, governance tokens, and ownership stakes in promising projects and protocols. Our community contributes their time to generate value from these assets and receive the majority of the income they produce. HumanDAO provides people with opportunities in both emerging markets with wages and developed nations with new profound revenue streams.

Axie Infinity was the platform that introduced much of the world to the potential of P2E. In its wake, hundreds of games are being developed, exploring new and innovative ways to construct in-game economies around enjoyable gaming experiences.

P2E is leveraged as part of our mission to onboard the masses from the bottom up into web3, thanks to the mainstream appeal of games, and mobile gaming in particular. We have always viewed gaming as the first of many verticals we can utilize, and we are excited to see the next generation of games and financial opportunities they will offer.

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