Pocket Assistants

Pocket Assistant NFTs are pioneering a new gig economy for the web3 industry.
Tasks such as data entry, comparing prices, submitting enquiries, creating presentations, researching projects and staying on top of the busy world of crypto can easily be delegated if you hold a Pocket Assistant NFT. In doing so, you provide valuable, safe, flexible work and income to someone in an underserved community.
Being community funded (not beholden to VCs or shareholders) gives us the freedom to introduce a highly disruptive business model. We can simultaneously pay a competitive wage on par with local professional roles, distribute ownership and responsibility of the DAO and its treasury to our contributors, and invest in building further revenue streams, while maintaining a healthy treasury that can endure market volatility.
We have created a website and an app for token holders, and have a growing number of qualified assistants who have passed an assessment of their communication and problem solving skills.
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