Token Launch
Took place Dec 1, 2021
Fair launch ended December 6th. Raised nearly $3.7m from 21 million tokens


At some point before the HDAO public token sale there will be a TGE (token generation event).
As it stands currently, launch date is tentatively set for December 1st 2021.

Token Auction

Will take place through a Copper Fair Launch LBP (liquidity bootstrapping pool) on both etehreum mainnet and Polygon chain.

Token Launch Auction Bonus

*There were no private sales or VC rounds.
5% (50,000,000) of all tokens will be available for purchase during the token sale event. Proceeds of the sale will be used to scale operations and diversify into other assets and projects.
11,000,,000 tokens (2% of total community tokens) are used to reward public sale participants and early members and contributors.
  • 10m tokens will be used in a 20% rewards bonus program for participating in the public sale. Ex. If you purchase 100 tokens, you will receive 20 bonus tokens.
  • 1m tokens will be distributed to early community members and contributors. Any unclaimed tokens will go back to the community allocation.